Hi, I’m John.

Throughout my career, I made it my mission to automate everything.

Technology is woven into practically everything we do. It’s in our pockets, in our homes, and in the sensors we wear on our bodies. Our smart phones and fitness trackers are a fantastic collection of sensors. We generate a tremendous amount of data every day. It’s important we can distinguish between meaningless and meaningful data, to successfully process all the data we collect.

At the core of data processing is automation. It’s the best way to move and transform data vast amounts of data. As a consultant, I help clients with application development, cloud deployments, API creation, and DevOps. Basically, projects always boil down to automation, and automation is the best way to offer reliability, consistency, and security.

I plan to use this space to post notes on my professional interests as well as a personal journal. So the technical topics may blend with my other interests of photography, sci-fi, and comics. I generally don’t write a lot but it’s my goal to share my experiences. I will at least try to keep it entertaining.

If you would like to connect, my social links are in the header and footer. You can also find my professional experience on my LinkedIn and available in my traditional resume.