DockerCon First Impression



This is my first DockerCon and first big dev conference. So far it has been a well organized event. Ok it’s just the keynote. But so far so good.

Notes to self…

  • Get Docker for Mac now!
  • Give Virtual Studio code another look. (Atom still won’t launch on any of my machines.)

The morning opened with a coffee sacrifice to the demo gods. No really, DockerCon is a demo heavy conference. They take their demos seriously. Opening remarks were around the state of the Union. 2900+ contributors to the ecosystem and a growing application base on Dockercloud. The cool thing about Docker is that a complete application infrastructure can be packaged an deployed from a Github repository. Pretty impressive.

The first demo sold me. From a developer point of view, debugging live web applications can be a challenge. The simplest level of debugging is logging and instrumenting the code. This demo is running Node.js app which is challenging for live debugging. Step one of the demo was to clone the conference’s instavote-app Github repository. Step two was to issue the command to launch the container. That was it. A python app, talking to a Redis queue, talking to a Java worker node, talking to a Postgres database, with a Node.js front end is running and operational. Pretty sweet.

DockerCon instavote-app

An even more impressive part was the debugging. By dropping the Node.js client code in Virtual Studio Code and setting a breakpoint, the editor/docker container just paused the code. No configuration necessary. Just this one thing can be incredibly useful for developers. I should point out the container manages the software too. No additional installs like Node, Java, Postgres, etc were needed to run the system. This seems like a good way to deploy code and enforce static platform versions in development environments.

We’re moving on to Swarm now. Swarm is Docker’s new platform for node clustering with built in security, self-healing, and fault tolerance. Another impressive demo. I’m looking forward to this now. It seems like magic, but it’s a powerful tool for both developers and DevOps. This should be a good conference.

#DockerCon 2016