Google Voice Victory on the App Store

Over the weekend (actually on Friday) there was a little app that slipped through the approval process on the iTunes App Store (via Gizmodo – GV Connect looks like it’s the first approved Google Voice app for the iPhone. This is something of a huge win for users of Google Voice. I have to say, the one app that made me even consider jail breaking was the GVMobile app. Some time ago GVMobile made waves by being approved, then shortly removed from the app store for non explicit reasons. An uproar ensued. The end result made GVMobile a poster child for what is wrong with the censorship of curated development markets and another reason for growing developer distrust in Apple and the App Store.

Maybe this is an olive branch presented by Apple to the developers to help solidify their new (somewhat) clearly defined policy on the approval process and their change in stance on using third-party developer tools (via Daring Fireball – If so this is a great way to start. As a developer, I’m glad to know I can expect some type of clearer method of response to submissions than have been previously reported and a wider scope is being allowed. Now I don’t think this announces that Apple has dismantled the wall around the garden; but they might have gussied up the plants around the entrance.

As a user of Google Voice, I snatched this up immediately regardless of the $2.99 cost at the time. Partially because I was tickled to see a GV app finally; and partially because I’m still not sure if it’s only there because someone wanted to sneak out early on Friday. I’m hoping its the former rather than the latter and we’ll see more good things on the way.

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