I Have To Wonder How Google+ Plans To Address Spam

So I finally got into Google+ over the weekend and so far it looks pretty nice. There’s room for improvement of course – but that’s to be expected in a not-yet released product.

One potential problem I realized during my hour-long commute this morning, is G+ gives complete editor control in the hands of a post author. That makes perfect sense when you’re posting something to your stream. But this rule also seems to apply to comments under posts. That means there may be some postings you won’t be able to be edit or delete once they hit your stream. This could be an ugly situation once the spambots (you know they’re out there) start exploiting it. For example: make a public post in your stream so anyone can comment, and spam could be deposited in your conversation thread that you have no way of removing. That is, unless you decide to trash the whole post – not such a great option. I can say from my experience running message boards, spammers can be relentless. Without moderator control, it could make for a really bad experience.

Now I don’t know what Google has up it’s sleeve to protect against spam. It’s entirely possible they’ll have anti-spam capabilities in place based on their email experience. Plus, this could all change by the time G+ is really released to the wild. Other than my imagined problem, the experience is great and it’ll be interesting to see how the service evolves.