I have unconventional tastes when it comes to holiday movies

It’s the time of year for holiday movies. I’m not talking about White Christmas, or A Christmas Story, or It’s a Wonderful Life. And I’m not talking about The Santa Clause, or The Grinch, or Charlie Brown. This one probably isn’t on many top ten lists. My tradition is to pop in a copy of Mixed Nuts. If you trust Rotten Tomatoes (giving it a 7% rotten – insane!) you’ll probably decide to skip it. But I love watching Madeline Kahn and Steve Martin “mix” it up (ha!). The movie itself isn’t really “knock your socks off” good. It’s one of those dark, feel-good, neurotic, comedies that we all love this time of year. For sure, I’ll be settling into an evening next to the fireplace with my favorite Christmas flick and some nog just like every other year.