Tweetblogging: Moving of the tweets and About pages

I took a lot of time trying to make sure things that I post somehow make their way to be aggregated here. But I found out (depending on how chatty I was on Twitter) the number of my tweets could easily outnumber my posts on the blog. So I decided to move my precious pearls of wisdom to their own page “Tweets” which is just a link to the category search for the posts. The link is in the header nav links. In the main blog they’ll remain hidden except for a select few I choose to let loose on the main blog scroller.

As a side note, when I posted this, I also added infinite scroll which was a feature I really liked about Tumblr blogs. I also plan to move an updated gallery and portfolio over here to consolidate some of the work I’m particularly proud of. And finally I’m working on replacing my bland, run of the mill, About page with a new one inspired from some of the awesome work and tips found here about one of the most neglected pages on the internet:

It’s All About Me!! – 55 Awesome About Me Pages
21 Creative Blogger Bio Pages
Best Practices For Effective Design Of “About me”-Pages

Meta, meta, meta…I know, like most of my posts, this is more for me than anyone that happens to read this. But I think the links above are definitely worth sharing. More to come. Cheers!