Really enjoyed the interview with @Mike_FTW on the Pipeline @5by5. Worth the listen:

“Designers sell their work. Designers get up in front of people and explain why they made the decisions they made. If you can’t do that, you can’t call yourself a designer.”

– Mike Monteiro

A knee-jerk reaction could be to cringe at the word “sell” interpreted as a state of greed or “sell-out”. Demonstrating the value of your work is just as applicable as being able obtain monetary payment. The ultimate measure of course is one when someone is willing to slap down hard cash for your work (which also makes good business sense – FYI). Combine value with being able to explain why you did what you did to other professionals is what makes a pro a pro and a non-pro just lucky. Obvious. But something that can get lost when you get absorbed in things you love to do.

The Pipeline