Testing comm channels…

Times change. Over the past few years I became rather adept at setting up my Mac in my business environment. Recently blind corporate policy changes seem to have made my diligence and hard work irrelevant. Without going into too much detail, over the next few weeks I plan to document my setup on my blog in a cathartic exercise to share my work so that my struggle wasn’t in vain.

The things I plan to cover – As a security professional, security is #1 priority. Second is workflow and what scripts I use to make the deluge of corporate email manageable. Last my Omnifocus and Things automation setup (both are great programs and I had a tendency to bop between them). Additionally Im sure there’ll be a smattering of my transition back to a hybrid Windows – Mac workflow to keep me from going completely insane.

Just a point of context, this is not a Windows vs Mac topic. I hold no contempt for the Microsoft OS. This is about personal preference. I just found Mac OS and Mac applications provided so much more in terms of automation that it made it an indispensable in my day to day work.

I hope this adds some new value to my rather anemic blog. This is the new Focus! with more to come.

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